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Hi Group, 

Four days ago I found my blue Gouldian hen – completely puffed and lethargic. With the shivers, eyes closed and drooped wings, when I picked her up she just acted dead.  I put her in a small hospital cage with NV Powder water, seed, and a Thieves tissue on top of the cage. I covered the cage with a towel leaving only one little corner for fresh air. I was certain she would be dead by the time I got home that evening.  When I got home and went straight to her cage and she was sitting as tight as she ever was – looking at me like “What??” – I was floored!  I’ve never seen a bird on deaths door like that and less than 8 hours later be perfect! Never! I know it was the Thieves that saved her life. 🙂

For those of you not familiar with NV Powder it is a sugar based vitamin, mineral and electrolyte supplement designed to rejuvenate energy depleted and dehydrated birds.  As of today she is still perfect as if nothing was ever wrong. 🙂


Hi Misty –
Do you think it’s possible that the NV powder is what cured her? Have you seen NV cure a bird this sick in the past?

Hi Lainey,
No, I don’t and have never seen it work like that with a bird. The reason I don’t think it was the cure is because this bird was not moving, she would not eat or drink. When I put her in the cage she just laid there without any movement at all. It is possible but not with that kind of recovery…

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