(Excerpt from the Essentialbird yahoo group)

Tonight I accidentally stepped on the toe of my female Princess of Wales, Celeste. I know because I felt it under the heel of my shoe and she screamed for a few seconds. I watched her briefly, saw that she was not putting weight on the foot, and ran for my helichrysum EO. While running, I was trying to figure out how many hours it would take to get to an after-hours vet clinic – 3?

Helichrysum is one of the most miraculous of all the essential oils. It works like nothing I’ve ever seen for wounds, cuts, bruises, and any trauma from accidents. I have dropped heavy objects on my foot, and watched as the helichrysum literally stopped the pain and swelling. I’ve even seen it take down purple bruising – right in front of my eyes! I always think I must not have really hurt myself, but then I remember that I clearly dropped something heavy on my foot.

So I caught Celeste, put two drops of helichrysum on her foot neat (undiluted), and put her back into a travel cage for probable long distance transport to the vet. She immediately started pacing all over the cage and screaming at me to let her out. Not behavior I would have anticipated. I watched her for a few minutes, and she was absolutely wild to be let out. Finally I realized that she was putting all her body weight on her hurt foot, and had her other foot wedged against the cage wire. I did the thing where I thought maybe I hadn’t stepped on her toe – but of course, I had. I let her back into her 25 foot by 15 foot aviary with her friends, and watched her for several hours.

The foot appears to be completely back to normal. She is not limping or favoring it in any way. I don’t think it was broken, certainly, but goodness it must have been sore. John was there after I stepped on the foot, so he can testify to her standing on her good leg with her bad leg in the air; otherwise, I would not believe what happened.

A tiny bottle of helichrysum is expensive, maybe 50 cents per drop – but now I am not driving 5 or 6 hours for emergency vet treatment.  I am so happy that I had this oil in my house!


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