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Here is an exciting testimonial from a Canadian woman who contacted me about her budgie with a kidney tumor. As you all know there is really nothing that can be done for these budgies, and kidney tumors are extremely common in budgies – maybe 20% or so get them? People ask me for help with this problem all the time, and I always recommend euthanasia.

But here is a case where a kidney tumor appears to have been cured! A vet diagnosed this bird as having a kidney tumor, and I suppose we could speculate about whether the tumor was a cyst or something more curable, but my feeling is that a vet does know a tumor when he feels it (versus a cyst).

Read from the bottom up. It was cured with Common Knotweed (polygonum aviculare). Knotweed does have anti-tumor properties according to research. If you have trouble finding this plant in dried form, please contact me for vendors:

I’m so excited about this! It is making me rethink the way birds are handling disease in the wild – it seems that this bird did seem to need this plant and then stopped needing it over time…

UPDATE: Since the above was written I have learned of one budgie who received a veterinary diagnosis of a kidney tumor with a prognosis of imminent death. The owner of this budgie consulted me and put the budgie on knotweed, sprinkled onto his food daily. It has been three years and while this bird has lameness in one leg, it is alive and perky.

Lainey Alexander

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It’s just leaves…herb.

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What form was the knotgrass in when you served it? Was it cut and sifted or
powdered? – I am trying to see what we might have available in a bit hard to find much and some is powder which seems wrong.


That was April 2010… so it was a year ago that I started looking for help for him. He has been better for a while. 😉


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Hi Susan –
I want to understand this case well. On April 15th (see the bottom post here on this email), you wrote to me sounding very sad and discouraged about the budgie. I’m confused about this, if he had been getting better for several months before? Or were you thinking in April that he still hadn’t responded to the knotgrass when you wrote to me?
Thanks for all your responses.

On May 26, 2011, at 10:06 PM, susan thomson wrote:
Yes, I feel compelled to share…. since doctors aren’t taught how to use herbal remedies that go to the root of the problem rather than just mask the symptoms. I’d say after 4 or 5 months it was very much better…should have documented more closely, but he got stronger and stronger as time passed. Now when I give the herb to him he only has a bit, whereas before he went nuts for it. I haven’t done any xrays to check for sure. I hope it can help to cure other birds.

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Susan –
How long did you use the knotgrass and how
long did it take to fully recede?
Oh I’m so happy about this!

On May 26, 2011, at 3:52 PM, susan
Hi Lainey, The diagnosis was kidney cancer. I was told by the avian vet it was the area at the top of his leg.  The bird presented the following symptoms:
Lack of ability to use his claw. He stood on one foot a lot. He had no clutching power in his claw. He is back to normal now. The vet did not have a clue as to how to treat it. The herbalist told me to give the herb to him freely as much as he wanted to eat.
He went nuts for it as soon as I presented it to him, then over time as he healed he ate less and less. I still feed it to him and he still eats it but not as frequently. Apparently they know instinctively how much to eat for their health needs, according to the herbalist. Ironically the latin word for the herb KNOTGRASS is POLYGONUM AVICULARE , has AVI in it relating to bird. So happy he’s well. I hope you can get it in the States if not I’d be happy to send you some. ; ) Photo of Roji crouched down playing with my key chain. Cheers, Susan

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Susan –
Thank you so much for writing back to me!
I am terribly interested in this post. Can you please tell me exactly what your diagnosis was with the tumor? Was it malignant? Was it definitely a kidney tumor? Or was it just a lump on the abdomen type of thing?
If it was a fatty tumor, those are not too hard to treat, but I thought yours was a malignant tumor? In other words, what did the vet do to diagnose this tumor, and was it an avian vet or a dog type vet?
Also, what did you do with the knotgrass? How much did you use and for how long? Thank you!

On May 25, 2011, at 10:55 PM, susan thomson wrote:
I know it has been awhile but I wanted to let you know there is a cure for this condition and my bird is now thriving. Just like people doctors, they know nothing about herbal remedies. My herbalist who also treats animals gave me KNOTGRASS and my it worked great. Not hard to coax him to eat it as he went crazy for it. They know it is medicine and their instincts apparently know it is good for them.
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From: Subject: Re: parakeet @ kidney tumour Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 11:59:47 -0400 To: sdthom@sympatico.caHi Suzi –

I’m really sorry about your budgie. I have had the same thing happen to my budgies several times. They are terribly prone to these kidney tumors, it is genetic with them. I have not found or heard of anything to help with this condition. I am so sorry!
Best wishes,

On Apr 15, 2010, at 10:28 PM, suzi ozbek wrote:
This is an enquiry e-mail via from: suzi ozbek <>
Hi there, My budgie had a sore claw so the Doctor said it was a cancer growth on his kidney that was causing the claw to lose its gripping power. I can’t stop crying… he’s so loving and dear to me. Can you recommend a herb to heal kidney cancer? Astralagus? golden seal root? What can I give him?